Tuesday, August 18, 2009

B.O. Doesn't Mean "Body Odor," It Means "Box Office"


Well, I was right.

After peaking in 535 domestic US theatres two weekends ago, "The Hurt Locker" took a step backward this weekend, falling to 478 screens.

57 screens may not seem like a precipitous drop, but when you're only on 535 to begin with, it's a healthy chunk and probably spells pretty much the end of the picture's earning days at the domestic B.O.

Which is shit, it should be at $50 million or $75 million or more by now, but it just doesn't have enough screens and in that limited of a release word of mouth is only gonna carry so far. Hey, I'm just glad that *I* got to see it.

On the slightly brighter side, it still finished in the top 20 (although barely) and has made nearly $10.5 million to date, which is pretty nice for such a small picture, and there are still DVD and overseas monies yet to come. I can see this movie doing OK in certain European theaters and maybe Japan, because the bomb suit looks kind of sci-fi.

Is it too early to hope for a limited re-release in some larger markets closer to awards time? If I was any good at organizing grassroots events I might just try that.

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